• Client Launch|June 16, 2015

    Cafe 5Six7 has launched their busines today. Horin Branding aided Cafe 5Six7 in graphic solution and brand planning.

    Cafe 5Six7 was looking for a brand identity that can easily express their brand and a strategic planning for their brand's intial branding execution. Cafe 5Six7 hired Horin Branding last month to help them solve those problems. Co-Founder of Cafe 5Six7, Mr. Badhan Rahman said "We have discussed our terms with few branding agency and looked into their previous activities. Though Horin Branding is very fresh team in the consultancy industry but they meet our requirements the most. We had excellent time together.". Within 3 Weeks we delivered their graphic materials. Cafe 5Six7 decorated their interior and other accessory materials according to our graphic solution and suggested color palette. Then we provided them the brand planning for their initial time.

    It was really an adventure for Horin Branding to visit the food world of Cafe 5Six7 and provide them the best work we could provide to them. Horin Branding is wishing the best of luck for their journey success ahead.

  • Client Success|June 13, 2015

    Our Client Smart Kompare got investment by Fenox Capital Venture silicon valley based venture capitalist firm.

    SmartKompare helps you to find your best financial product from sea of options. It compares loans from different banks and financial institutions and helps users make a good decision. Smart Kompare was looking for a distinctive, simple and flat logo that can easily express the core feature of Smart Kompare. They hired Horin Branding to aid on their graphics. Mahbub E Elahi Ron, CEO of SmartKompare.com said " I wanted to thank you all for your excellent works to build the company.Please take it as a personal thanks from me. We have exciting days ahead and we have much more to go inshAllah!"

    Horin Branding is wishing the best of luck for the long journey ahead of SmartKompare. We are really proud to be a part of their emergence


  • Client Launch|June 1, 2015

    Horin Branding Team congratulates SmartKompare for their launchin. We are wishing them best of luck for the journey ahead.

    SmartKompare-a startup that aims to help its users to find best financial products from a sea of options launches today in Dhaka. The startup, graduated recently from first batch of Founder Institute Dhaka, will let people to compare financial products from several financial institutions and choose the best. The service is simple: finding best loans, deposits, credit cards, and insurances is difficult, what SmartKompare does is it aggregates information about financial products from all possible sources and put it in order. Once you are looking for a loan or credit card, you go to SmartKompare website, enter your information and find comparison among products.


  • New Client | May 3, 2015

    SmartKompare a pre-launched company hired us.

    SmartKompare is looking forward to help create public awareness by providing information. Horin Branding is helping them create their logo, brand identity and other graphic solution. Ron Mahbub, CEO of SmartKompare said "Though Horin Branding is very fresh team in the consultancy market but they meet our requirements the most. We are really happy to hire them". SmartKompare has plan to launch in this June. Please stay tuned to our website and our facebook page to get informed.

  • Client Success | April 12, 2015

    Our Client, Styline Collection , a local fashion Brand that sells hijabs online, has launched an online campaign calling on all for a Unified and Modest protest throughout the country against misinterpretation of Hijab.

    When a girl wears hijab, she gets attention and gets comments as well. Unfortunately, most of the comments are negative. Styline, with a view to put an end to any kind of misinterpretation of Hijab and to create awareness regarding wearing hijab, launched an online campaign titled “Shout For Matter Of Heart” .

    With more than hundred hashtagged status from volentary individuals and reaching nearly a lakh people nationwide, Matter of Heart campaign was sucessful to spread awareness of the cause.


  • Client Launch | January 10, 2015

    Congratulation to Adventure Club for their launching. We wishing best of luck for their journey ahead.

    Adventure Club is the fastest growing national youth network in Bangladesh which organizes nationwide tours, provides information and privileges. It is initiated by B-Cube Foundation and supported by Bangladesh Tourism Board and Ministry of Tourism and Aviation.


  • Member Legecy | December 18, 2014

    Rishad Ahmed, the Superman (CEO) of Horin Branding, got featured in Future Startup , a media startup based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They aim at reinventing the way how content on startup, entrepreneurship, and making ideas happen are being produced and distributed in Bangladesh. Check out the article

    "A Marketer Who Designs For Small". Horin Branding wants to thank Future Startup, It's really good to see our contribution focused in communities.
  • Owsome News | December 3, 2014

    One of the most popular online media journal Future Startup featured Horin branding as "Small is the new big" in their latest article about startups. Future Startup, founded by Ruhul Kader, is a media startup based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They aim at reinventing the way how content on startup, entrepreneurship, and making ideas happen are being produced and distributed in Bangladesh.

    Thank you Future Startup for encouraging and supporting our contribution to small and medium entreprises. It means a lot when efforts are appreciated.

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