Niagara is a premium class drinking water company situated in Uttara, Dhaka. They focused on selling mineral water in bottles and gallons in offices in a premium price. They focus on absolute purity of water for premium customers.

Niagara required graphic solution that can easily express their core feature. Horin Branding Team helped Niagara water to develop a world class graphic branding.


Niagara prides itself on delivering “office class water”. Horin Branding’s studies explored the natural stimuli that defines comparison. Strategically our goals were threefold; (i) position Niagara as a premium yet rooted in best of quality; (ii) express Niagara as an elegant and confident brand; (iii) communicate a sense of warmth and approachability.


Niagara’s logo and brand identity builds on simple and minimal flat pattern that simultaneously serve as an emblem. The mark is both solid and delicate. The new logotype was custom drawn–unique to the “Niagara” brand. ”

“Thanks to Horin Branding for graphic solution. It really felt like “Eureka”

Shihab Mahmud / Founder

Photography by Multiple Photographer