Hughes Offshore Shipping Ltd. is a shipping company situated in Toronto, Canada. They deliver goods internationally, basically in North America and Europe. They focus on fast delivery and safety of deliverable goods. Hughes required a world class brand identity that can easily define their core features. Horin Branding Team helped to solve their graphic crisis. Hughes Offshore Shipping Ltd. was the first North American project for Horin Branding.

Hughes looking for iconic brand identity for them.they told us that.


Hughes prides itself on delivering fast and safe. Horin Branding’s studies explored the natural stimuli that defines their features. Strategically our goals were threefold; (i) position Hughes as a safe, fast deliverable yet rooted in best of offshore shipping; (ii) express Hughes as a responsible and dedicated brand.

Horin Branding helped Hughes to develop an offline strategic solution and a descriptive flat brand identity.

“Thanks to Horin Branding for graphic solution. It really felt like “Eureka”.

Chief Marketing Officer